Short number service

Get smarter! get smart phone with RantCell Pro App - Save Time, Improve Efficiency!!! Use RantCell call testing tool.

Assured automated solution to validate more than 100 numbers through our system.

Test hundreds of numbers in no time!!

Are you sure if all your customer contact centre numbers are active? Are your sure of not missing on any service call for your customers? Comment below to experience our RantCell app which is efficient to track and identify the issue of contact centre numbers.

Does your business have 100s of numbers for your customers to reach you…?

1. Short number service – Toll Free Number’s, Customer Care Number’s, Unique Virtual Number’s.

2. Execute multiple call tests on single / multiple devices, trigger call test in sequences with more than hundred B party numbers.

3. Autonomous monitoring and availability of customer contact centre numbers and active alerts (Alarms) when customers unable to reach service numbers.

4. Monitor and Analyse availability of each numbers of contact centres so that your customers are able reach anytime.

5. Increase your customer contact centre number availability.

6. Get active alarm notification whenever there is interruption in customer contact centre numbers.

7. Generate reports on availability of customer contact centre number.


Video Streaming

Following showing an example of video stream testing using RantCell app where in user experience is poor when dropped to 2G network, following parameters to be considered while measuring user experience on mobile network

Video Load time - Anything greater than 10 secs more likely user will not watch the video

Video stalling events, anything greater than 3 stalled events in 5 mins video most likely user will discontinue watching video

Any video lags or buffering occurring for more than 10 secs while playing video more likely user will discontinue watching

Very low resolution video is bad user experience

Want to perform professional level mobile network testing? Want to check which network signal is working effectively and has better QoS in your location?

Try our RantCell Pro app which converts your Android smart phone into powerful network testing tool with extensive reports in app UI and power of the RantCell pro is further extended by integration into test analytics cloud server with rich graphical and interactive maps UI for post analysis of test results.Try our RantCell Pro app which converts your Android smart phone into powerful network testing tool with extensive reports in app UI and power of the RantCell pro is further extended by integration into test analytics cloud server with rich graphical and interactive maps UI for post analysis of test results.

Sign up at to get access to following features

RantCell Pro Features

1. Analyze RantCell Pro App test results in RantCell test analytics cloud server by signing up on

2. Transform your smart phone into network drive test (With GPS) tool integrated with post analysis on cloud server.

3. Works on 2G (GPRS, EDGE, GSM), 3G (UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA, HSPA+), 4G LTE and CDMA networks, even Wi-Fi.

4. Perform long repetitive tests of Speed test, Ping test and Voice call test, quick to setup tests and use it as a load generator.

5. Uploads test data automatically to RantCell could server ( which can be accessed immediately. (Requires signup).

6. Test your network’s call performance, data speeds, Packet drops and latency, Voice call set-up time and call drops.

7. Capture vital information about mobile network operator name and mobile network parameters such as MCC, MNC, Cell ID, LAC, RSSI (signal strength), RSRP, RSRQ, PCI, and PSC.

8. Capable of capturing ISP provider when on Wi-Fi.

9. Location based analysis included through drive test and access interactive maps in cloud server dashboard.

10. Supports remote scheduling of tests on the device from cloud server dashboard.

11. Supports live tracking from the RantCell cloud server and analyse results instantly.

12. Ability to customize time interval between tests, the number of ftp connections and number of iterations.

13. Graphical representation of the test results.

14. Maintains history of test results data.

15. Share test results instantly in excel format with the stake holders via email (In App purchase required).

16. Configure up to 50 iterations of tests (In App purchase required).

17. Share results in social media or with the stake holders instantly.

18. Share results in social media or with the stake holders instantly.

RantCell Cloud Analytics

1. RantCell Cloud Analytic s provides a great platform to analyse test results performed over various mobile devices.

2. Perform test analysis on real time, as the test data are automatically updated into the cloud server.

3. Supports 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, CDMA and Wi-Fi test data analysis.

4. RCA helps in graphical representation test result data through Pie chart, Bar graph, Table view and Map view

5. RCA dashboards gives historical views of tests performed and build a mobile network footprint. Variations thus observed between tests results and time conducted mobile operators can foresee their area of opportunities and address them on real time basis.

6. Map View coverage can check performance network coverage, signal strength, download speed and upload speed etc.

7. Users can also perform competitor analysis on network speeds, coverage maps, RAN technology, latency etc.

8. Real time tracking capability of multiple test devices.

9. Real time tracking capability of multiple test devices.

10. Remote test feature which can enable users to manage tests on remotely located devices.

11. Supports up to 5 devices for non-enterprise account. Please contact support for further devices.

12. Share the test results in social media such as Facebook or twitter.

13. Share the test results in encrypted URL instantly with the stake holder.

For further information please email at

RantCell at MWC Americas 2018

Meet us at Mobile World Congress Americas from September 12-14, 2018 at stand Hall South Stand S.1960

RantCell cloud is platform for end user QoE KPIs and RF measurements, supported on 4G,3G,2G and CDMA networks. Solution is integrated with RantCell pro test measurement app software which is supported on any generic Android device and an interactive web-based dashboard interface for post analysis of measured test data. RantCell supports drive test benchmarking, field measurement, site monitoring, test automation, load generation, remote control and above all mass deployable on many devices. Solution can be purchased online as rental tariffs with immediate access to this solution.

We will be exhibiting our product Rantcell in the exhibition and we invite you to visit our stand. Just choose your preferred time to demonstrate our product. Please e-mail us at

For more information visit Mobile World Congress Americas 2018.

Do you receive a lot of complaints from your Distributed antenna system deployments regarding the end user experience, does your system monitor QoE on DAS 24/7

Does your business provide coverage to multi storey building, large shopping complex, or Indoor coverage to enterprises in many locations around the country?

DAS that uses an off-air signal utilizes a donor antenna on the roof to receive and transmit the signal from cell carriers. However, such DAS systems do not have ability to monitor end user experience KPIs for voice and data service. Such degradation scenarios go un-noticed resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

Are you faced with these scenarios?

1. Do you often receive complaints from your customers on having poor signal, not being able to make calls or slow internet speed?

2. Is this leading you to spend a lot of time, money, and resources on customer site visits to resolve these issues?

3. Are your customers satisfied with network coverage provided by your DAS system maintain continuous call in indoor premises without any call drop.

4. Does your DAS solution meet capacity requirement during peak hours?

5. Has your DAS deployment giving better indoor user experience while compared against macro cellular network ?

What if you could monitor end user QoE 24/7 and receive alerts whenever services degrade from your distributed antenna system sites? Then, you could also trigger on demand tests remotely and measure QoE/QoS in real-time to check if services are improving when optimisation steps are applied.

With our solution enable proactive approach to monitor user experience or to resolve your customer’s issues remotely without having to spend a time on customer site visits and significantly reduce costs.