Cell Tower QoE Monitoring

  • Mobile operators rely on OSS cell level performance data to get end-user experience (QoE) from a network perspective, this data might not be in real time, and this is not true reflection of user experience. OSS cell level performance data might not be available in real time.

  • Hence, in such scenario’s operator must rely on customer complaint when services degrade. This situation will cause greater customer dissatisfaction and eventually lead to churn. Such scenarios need to be completely avoided for High ARPU customers by cost optimization techniques in telecom.

  • Near real time data and actual user, experience on mobile network can be measured by smart phone-based test solutions. These solutions can be deployed permanently on many high ARPU customer locations to proactively monitor 24/7 user experience and get real time alerts when service degrade on cell tower or DAS deployments.

  • Cell tower QoE monitoring can significantly improve customer relation and Operators can pro-actively monitor high ARPU cell towers.

    Indoor and outdoor cell tower or DAS QoE MONITORING

  • Operators choose to provide indoor coverage by DAS, small cells or outdoor dedicated coverage for some of their High ARPU customers. Example enterprise customer, Rural villages, manufacturing industry etc.

  • With the RantCell solution, now operators can proactively monitor their mobile network latency, Cell tower signals, 4G LTE speed, call setup success rate and other QoE KPIs for important VIP or high ARPU customer’s cell tower network locations, which is serving 2G, 3G,4G,5G service. Solution also supports real time active alerts when QoE experience degrades on customer’s telecom base station.

  • Generate reports and visualize cell tower QoE as perceived by the users under VIP cell tower or high value customer sites on BTS mobile network.

    Remote cell tower QoE monitoring and on demand testing

  • Remote Cell tower QoE can be monitored by placing RantCell configured (App) on Android device in the RTP box within cell tower range or Cell site monitoring that needs to be monitored 24/7 by performing periodic voice, video and data tests.

  • According to this illustration, QoE data collected from VIP cell tower site 1, 2, and 3 is uploaded to the RantCell pro cloud servers from RantCell Pro app devices. Post analysis can be performed on web based dashboard.

  • On demand remote tests such as 4G LTE Speed test, Mobile network latency, MO/MT voice call, or Video tests can be triggered by users via web dashboard on remotely located RantCell Pro app enable Android smart phones. This feature specifically useful example to spot check the services at customer site soon after optimisation is performed on Cell tower.

  • Drive test can be performed by locking on to a specific cell, for instance, 4G LTE cell in their test location and select the desired bandwidth such as LTE 40, LTE 25, and so on. Check the procedure to unlock cell lock / band lock feature on your Android smartphone and test with RantCell solution by clicking on 'Download' below:

  • Procedure for cell lock/band lock

    Real-time alarm monitoring and enablement process

Real time cell tower qoe monitoring

Real-time alarm notifications dashboard example by remote cell tower QoE monitoring solution

Real time cell tower qoe monitoring
  • RantCell has real-time wall boarded alarm panel for operators or vendors for QoE monitoring from one or more cell tower locations remotely.

  • There were two types of alarm indicates based on severity of the cause.

  • Critical Alarm: Critical alarm notification will arise based on severity of the failed cases such as call dropped, call setup failure, login failed etc.

  • Major Alarm: Major alarm notification will arise based on severity of failed cases such as Time out, Generic failure etc.

    RantCell Cell tower QoE monitoring capabilities

  • Highly scalable and setup permanent RTP (Remote test point, with smart phones) setup in high ARPU customer’s locations such as VIP sites (3G, 4G sites). Monitor in excess of 1000 such locations of cell tower monitoring.

  • Visualise voice and data traffic trends on each site, run queries for up to 2 months, plus historical data up to 1 year on cell tower network.

  • Get real time Alarms on service degradation on voice and data.

  • Cell tower outages alarm.

  • Call service failure such as call setup failure, dropped calls, CSFB failures can be detected in real-time for nearest cell tower.

  • Real-time alerts example when LTE download speeds degrade below defined threshold limit.

  • We based dashboard to visualize all alarms from various VIP customer’s BTS network.

  • Sleeping cells scenario analysis of BTS mobile network.

  • No data scenarios (Cell availability KPIs) or cell tower outage.

  • Support for screen cast of mobile device via R-Pi.

  • Option to monitor 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G on one device in case of Multi RAN cell tower.

  • Integration to cross platforms available example expediting alarms to fault management/trouble ticketing platforms to enrich mobile network optimization techniques.

  • Flexible pricing plans for cell tower monitoring.

  • Enables operations team to receive real time service degradation alarms compared to PM OSS Data which likely to have latency and not real time. Also enables the operations team to perform on demand data and voice testing once the optimisation actions performed on site to validate the fix or improvement in the cell tower network.

Cell tower QoE monitoring with alarm notification for failure tests