Crowd Sourcing and Mobile Network Testing

A solution to build your own long-term user’s crowd sourced data on Quality of Experience (QoE) of mobile network. Build data rapidly with RantCell, plus integrate measurement capabilities to existing operator apps via SDK.

Build network QoE data such as mobile network coverage, internet data connectivity, radio access network technology with geo location information. This will help in expanding network visibility footprint from the end-user perspective, increasing the number of app users.

Receive feedback on network directly from subscriber's device installed with RantCell (or your own rebranded app or integrated into existing operator app) to

  • Accurate GPS location identification of network failures and poor performances, which can be interlinked to cell zone (Location intelligence).

  • Enable subscribers to raise self-service style network complaints through the RantCell app with complaint tracking capabilities and reduce service centre call load.

  • Improved customer communication and reduce churns.

  • Option to integrate with existing customer trouble tracking system or third-party systems for data enrichment. For example: Operations and RNO teams.

  • Geo location-based reports to visualise data at city or town level and to drill down view to highly localised locations such as high street, shopping complex, train stations or other populous places.

  • Smart passive mobile network KPIs data collection and remote smart triggers to run active tests per specific geo location.

  • 60% reduction in field visits, strategise drive testing, active monitoring of important sites and real-time notifications on QoE degradation.

  • Crowd sourcing of network measurements and user KPIs in mass scale; the solution is a highly scalable solution with 50K to 25Million subscribers on a virtualised platform.

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