Base station Monitor

  • Operators rely on OSS cell level performance data to get end-user experience from a network perspective, however, this data is not real-time on many occasions and may have to rely on a customer complaint. This might not be right approach especially if the customer very important for the operator, example VIP or enterprise customer which might eventually lead to customer due to bad services.

  • With RantCell solution now operators can monitor 2G,3G,4G Base station without any reliance to OSS PM data. Our RTP (remote test points) which houses smartphones can monitor voice and data services 24/7 and send alarms when service degrades. RTP solution can be deployed in excess of 1500 locations and highly scalable.

  • 24/7 voice and data tests.

  • Monitoring cell availability.

  • Real-time alarms when voice and data service degrade on a Base station.

  • Option to monitor 2G,3G, 4G on one device in case of Multi RAN base station.

  • SNMP alarms.

  • Many more alarms (Contact Us for further details).

  • Multi-operator monitoring in one location.

Base station monitor
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